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Tiny Gallon Rejects Offer From Liaoning Of China To Continue Pursuing NBA

Tiny Gallon has received and rejected a nearly six-figure proposal from Liaoning in the Chinese Basketball Association, sources told RealGM.

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Lorenzo BrownArmor19.92
Kendall Marshall87ers19.43
Elliot Williams87ers19.00
Tiny Gallon87ers18.91
Vander BlueStampede18.56
Tiny Gallon87ers9.15
Damian Saunders87ers7.35
Reeves Nelson87ers6.33
J.R. Inman87ers6.25
Ben StrongToros5.50
Kendall Marshall87ers9.57
Lorenzo BrownArmor6.92
Elliot Williams87ers5.00
Josh Akognon87ers4.20
Bo SpencerVipers4.00
Hamady Ndiaye87ers1.67
Norvel Pelle87ers1.40
Kyrylo FesenkoCharge1.38
Thanasis Antetokounmpo87ers1.30
Damian Saunders87ers1.23
Damian Saunders87ers1.86
Kendall Marshall87ers1.86
Bo SpencerVipers1.73
Lorenzo BrownArmor1.67
Josh Akognon87ers1.60
Player Efficiency Rating
B.J. Young87ers22.85
Tiny Gallon87ers20.74
Lorenzo BrownArmor19.62
Kendall Marshall87ers17.22
Reeves Nelson87ers17.14

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